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Tech Talk:
Zero Latency: Is it Possible?
Is it Practical? When Does it Matter?
The one thing it seems that the entire streaming industry can agree on is that nobody likes latency, although to be fair, most latency simply goes unnoticed in lean-back, non-interactive, non-sports situations where it doesn't matter all that much. But in gaming, betting, auctions, and whole host of increasing common and high-profile areas of the online video world, ultra-low latency is a must, and in most other applications it's one of a number of priorities that must be weighed against other factors, assessed based on its costs, technical challenges, and costs. In this webinar you'll learn when ultra-low latency must come first, where it ought to fall in other scenarios, when (if ever) zero latency is realistic, and when trying to achieve it or something close is worth what it takes to get there.

The HESP Alliance, founded by Synamedia and THEO Technologies, brings together streaming video vendors and media companies to provide superior online video quality of experience at reduced cost through standardizing and advancing the High Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP) and marketing of HESP solutions.

Join our webinar & discover:
– The High Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP), which brings sub-second latency & fast channel change over standard CDNs
– HESP-ready solutions, to easily get you started with ultra-low latency live streaming at scale

Pieter-Jan Speelmans
Technical Working Group Chair
HESP Alliance

nanocosmos is a Berlin-based company with 25 years of experience in the audio/video industry. The flagship product nanoStream Cloud is an industry reference for reliable B2B interactive live streaming on any device. With pioneering advancements and milestones like ultra-low latency live streaming on any device and browser, with adaptive bitrate playback, stream protection and data driven live streaming, nanocosmos continues to hold its strong position in multiple market segments for interactive live streaming.

Join our webinar & discover:
Real-time streaming: Learn why a comprehensive approach is essential for real-time streaming, beyond just protocols
Interactive Use Cases: Explore diverse applications—from live gaming to townhalls—and their specific streaming needs, enhancing user engagement
Future Trends: Stay ahead with insights into emerging technologies like HTTP3, QUIC and Webtransport and others shaping the future of real-time streaming.

Oliver Lietz
Chief Executive Officer

The Eluvio Content Fabric is an open and decentralized, streaming, content distribution, and storage network built for the third generation Internet. Examples of companies and creators whose content distribution have been powered by Eluvio include FOX Entertainment, Telstra, Globo, MGM Studios, Microsoft, SONY Pictures, Telstra Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, WWE, The Masked Singer, Dolly Parton, Black Eyed Peas, Rita Ora, independent filmmakers, and many others.

Join our webinar & discover:
– How the Eluvio Content Fabric provides a complete full-featured media stack to publish, store and deliver premium live streaming, PVOD, and FAST Channel streaming at scale, including personalization, access control, content protection and proof of engagement
– The benefits of using the Content Fabric to deliver live streams with deterministic end-to-end latencies under 3 seconds globally to standard streaming clients (DASH/HLS over HTTP)
– How to use the Media Wallet, a consumer application and embeddable API powered by the Content Fabric, which is available on web/mobile browsers, and across all major Connected TV platforms, for discovering, streaming, owning, and enjoying content directly from its publishers

Michelle Munson
CEO and Co-Founder

Mobii has developed an end-to-end contribution and cloud agnostic media services architecture, powered by Microblock Technology, that enables global real-time delivery of Dash / HLS streams at scale, with a latency of just 0.25 sec. We enable the synchronization of video and data streams at the live edge to deliver immersive real-time experiences and support innovative workflows that solve several industry challenges.

Join our webinar & discover:
– How sub-1 second real-time streaming of industry standard Dash / HLS is possible
– How real-time streaming can offer more stability than traditional streaming workflows
– What it means to be frame-synchronized and why this will change future trends
– How combining synchronization and real-time latency, can change the way we experience streaming

Roderick Barrett
COO and Co-Founder

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